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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 13, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and students on edge. >> she called me at work saying there were police. i could hear going on in the background. >> someone was telling me something was happening and i came to get my child. they cannot even find her. >> medical crews showed up to transport more than one dozen to the high school. most said they were overcome by the pepper spray. >> nothing life-threatening. do just typical treatment you would see break pepper spray injury. >> no one would say what led to the fine, but they said it was not the only one. >> there were a couple, more than one. it got serious. >> i just ran out. i just ran. >> within one hour, most students returned to class. >> they called me saying there was a confrontation. >> police did not say how much pepper spray was used but that
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was necessary to help restore order. >> it is used occasionally in an effort to break up a fight when they determine that it is necessary. >> no plans to increase security at the eastern baltimore county school. more new at 6:00, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a police investigation into what brought these rocks onto an overpass on the innerloop of the beltway. the damage is not considerable, but it did shot down a stretch of the beltway. sky team 11 went out to check at the railroad overpass and troopers say at least 15 vehicles had been hit, damage ranging from dents and worse. they are inspecting the overpass for any structural problems. >> firefighters on the scene of
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a crew of a barm far from more than 12 hours. this was the scene sky team 11 pound later this afternoon. the call came in at 3:30 a.m. and by the time they got there, the barn was fully engulfed in flames. dozens have been on hand throughout the day, and we're told the operation is still ongoing. it was filled with equipment and damages estimated around $1 million. when harford county families picking up the pieces after but a fire under joplin home. 90 minutes to put out the flames and we have learned the total damages estimated at $1.50 million. firefighters say it was so high because it was not just a home. new at 5:30, we show you what is left from the expense of merchandise that was destroyed by fire. >> the standoff between
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protesters and the city came to an end. they peacefully remove them in a pre-dawn raid. lowell melser and joins us with the very latest. >> there is still a police presence here downtown at mcalinden square. there is a metal grate surrounding the park that has been here all day since the occupied baltimore protesters were removed at 3:30 and >> it is not about private property. this is a home. this road is public to assess people, as citizens. >> the movement, which called this square home since october 4th, was evicted early tuesday morning as close to 100 officers in riot gear calmly and orderly tell them they had to leave. >> ridiculous. they are a part of us. they are also human beings. they should understand more than anyone.
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>> officials say there were no arrests and 40 or so that were in the camper allowed to gather what they could and leave the rest for the city to dispose of. the homeless were provided bus transportation to local shelters. >> we knew it was coming eventually. what do i think of that? same old, same old. >> many who were told to leave wondered about the timing, just before 3:30 a.m., and the fact that police were wearing riot gear. of the baltimore teachers said she was disappointed. >> not what i expect from a democracy. it is not what i expect from america which was built on the right to peaceably assemble and to voice dissenting opinions. it makes us stronger. >> mayor rawlings blake defended her administration's actions of saying, "while she is committed that it was long overdue for the camp to be cleaned out."
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[inaudible] quite later tuesday afternoon, and much cleaner square as city officials power washed stained areas. passers-by could once again enjoy their city park. >> it is great to have the park back or regular public use without the campers. >> they say all the trash and it tends that were collected earlier were taken over to the western sanitation yard in cherry hill. the mayor surprisingly said she is open to discussions with the occupiers and possibly talk about permits. we spoke to some of the protesters and there are rumors circulating that they may move their encampment to and from the city hall. live outside the square, lowell melser berkman wbal-tv 11 news. >> did you have any pictures or
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video from the last few months, we invite you to share them with us online, >> breaking news. we go live to capt. roy taylor in the sky team 11. >> southbound at jones falls expressway. the ramp to get off here, a single vehicle accident with personal-injury. they hit the barrels and shut down the ramp. baltimore city police and fire are here to take care of the situation. there will have to get road crews to clean up the mess to get this reopened. live from sky team 11, times capt. roy taylor. >> a man is now in custody for the robbery at townsend. he is not new to robbing banks. larry mcknight has now been charged with one count debris for holding up the pnc bank
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yesterday morning, which forced the university to go one block down. he was also charged for the robbery at the bank of america along the 2800 block on smith ave. he is currently being held at the baltimore county detention center without bail. former penn state coaches sandusky in court room this morning, but for not nearly as long as expected. facing more than 50 counts, sandusky walked out of the courthouse minutes after his pre-trial meeting was called to order after another surprising twist. j. gray has the latest. >> for now, the face-to-face showdown between sandusky and his accusers will have to wait. >> we're putting together the best possible defesnnse we can. we want to fight for all four quarters. >> they left the county courthouse this morning after is
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uprising last minute decision, to forgo the scheduled a pretrial hearings. >> we decided the better part of the tactical maneuver from our standpoint would be to waive today's proceedings. >> this dramatically impacts the strategy on both sides. in exchange for waiving the hearing, and they were promised they would not raise bail and would provide discovery information. if there are any new targets, he would be allowed to turn himself in. >> the world has been out to get him. look at what they did last wednesday. arresting him, taking him out of his house in handcuffs. >> and also allows sandusky's team to keep them in the details out of the considerable media spotlight. >> he would not have heard our case because now without the time to present our defense. >> the move is not a complete shock of. >> based on our readiness, the
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strength of the case, i am not surprised. >> it means the victims will have more time to prepare for what is sure to be very emotional, stressful testifying. >> they do not have to testify a second time. >> one thing they do agree on, this is in no way an indication of any pre-trial deal. >> the discussions regarding a plea bargain. >> authorities for several of the victims say they were surprised by the move, but they are ready and willing to testify if and when they get the chance. in pennsylvania, wbal-tv 11 news. >> some sunshine across the area today and temperatures getting close to that 50 degree mark in most areas around baltimore. reddick tumbled through the early evening, right now running in the mid to upper 40's along baltimore. 46 in harford county.
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look for the's in southern pennsylvania. some clouds and scattered sprinkles approaching from the north and northwest developing head of a warmer fraud that will raise temperatures for the next few days into the mid to upper 50's. we will stay mostly dry, but i will keep an eye on the insta- weather + futurecast, maybe a spring to the north and west. more details on the seven-day forecast coming up. >> adding new security measures just weeks after a double fatal shooting on the mall parking lot. >> security will have a bird's- eye view allowing them to spot any potential trouble. barry simms is in hanover with more. >> hello, stan and donna. it's pretty simple device run by a generator and it goes up and down. it is designed to help increase security here at anne arundel mills mall. just in time for the holidays, anne arundel mills mall gets a
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gift, a lift, and a mobile tower that rises 59 feet in the air giving security officers a better view. >> they have a vantage point to see over the vehicles to see what is happening in the parking lot. >> is people are out your for the wrong reasons, we will look out for them. >> there joining forces with the closed circuit tv cameras, bike patrols. >> they patrol the interior in the exterior 24/7/0365. this is another element that people are not accustomed to. it will help the criminal see this to go somewhere else, but also the customers will see it and feel shock -- plc for about shopping here. >> this was the scene of a fatal double shooting involving people who knew each other and was not a random act. it caused managers and staff to once again review security and
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think about other ways to make improvements. >> our heart and prayers go out to those people and we were affected as well. our family and friends shop here as well. we want to make sure that we put the safety of our customers and our employees burst in our mind. that is most critical to us. >> barbara says she comes to around 0 miles four times per week. >> i walked in the morning and die shop after word. i see them every morning riding their little scooter's all around the mall. i feel safe. >> she says she comes to the mall's six or seven times per year. >> i know this is a nice areas and generally i do not worry too much, but this morning at first went to old navy with my big bag and i felt safe. i did not worry too much. >> in the mall and on the tower, it you see something come and do something. they are encouraging shoppers and employees to call it 24-hour
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security hotline to report suspicious activity. the mall is also creating a safety committee to try and deal with any security issues. live from hanover, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> $180 billion bilon its way to the senate. >> it would extend unemployment benefits, but critics say it is asking too much. the latest on the payroll tax cut and its impact on the budget shortfall. >> a new government push to get drivers off of their cell phones and it could mean a damn for all 50 states. brian mooar in washington with that story coming up. >> and construction accident making monday rush hour a nightmare. the driver accused of
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>> traffic is moving again with the bridge on the wilson avenue exit is clear, but the damages done with an accident involving an oversized piece of construction equipment. tonight, we have learned a charges are pending against the driver of the flatbed tractor trailer after it struck a sign
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causing all the damage. he was hauling it from a nearby construction site. >> thousands of toddlers are ending up in the emergency room after accidentally overdosing on pediatric medication. experts at the cdc said accidental overdoses have gone up. new campaign now tells parents to keep all medications out of reach and out of sight. it is important but medicine back in a safe spot after you use it and make sure you hear the safety cap click. they also suggest parents program begun number for poison control into their phones. the help the options in school vending machines are better for children, but not so good for business. one school district is considering their ban on junk food because it has cut into the projfit.
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>> at roosevelt high school, not much action on these vending machines. milk, juice, granola bars. the better business is across the sea. >> looking for less help they launch options, they can take a quick walk to the grocery store for soda, chips, dunites. it helps to pay for athletic uniforms, your books. bending profits have been down. in 2001, they had $214,000 from vending machine profit. this year, only $17,000. >> we do want to bring in nutritional foods that students do like. >> the seattle school board is considering relaxing the ban on unhealthy food, perhaps allowing more sugar, more than that.
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>> we may have gone too far and been too restrictive in what the policy was saying. >> some say they are avoiding the vending machine because of the price. >> they are overpriced and it is a better deal to go to kfc. >> the vending machine is a waste of money. and >> trying to find a balance to get help the kids and a healthy profit. >> the school board will likely revise their policy next spring to take effect the next school year. >> after three straight days with temperatures at or below normal, the temperatures warmed up a little bit today and the trend will continue until thursday afternoon when a cold front should come through. tomorrow, we may not climb too much, but today with sunshine, 51 degrees at bwi marshall, five
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degrees normal than -- warmer than normal. on the record high as bank 1889, 69 degrees. record low, single digits back in 1962 bottoming out at 7 degrees. we can get some is no this time of year, but not with temperatures up in the 50's. but as cold tonight as it has been, mid 20's instead of low 20's and right now in the 40's. 46 in edgewood. rising sun, 43. 44 in randallstown. in little bit of cloud cover approaching through pittsburgh, parts of west virginia, and even some sprinkles a brain. and this is developing as warmer air tries to make its way through the mid-atlantic. the cloudiness tonight will help keep temperatures up a little bit, cleared the partly cloudy, more clouds and westbound in the mountains where there is a
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chance for a light shower or sprinkle of rain. the forecast around baltimore, partly cloudy, 35 downtown, wind light and variable. mostly cloudy skies, sprinkled along the front to the north and west. carroll and frederick could get a shower at times, but most will stay dry, 48-53. warmer on thursday. southeast win on the bay with the waves averaging about one but. up to 52 on thursday. it should turn colder thursday night and friday, maybe even cold enough for a little natural snow. partly cloudy skies on wednesday on the eastern shore with a slight chance for a sprinkle and a couple of showers crossing the eastern shore. lower eastern shore, including ocean city, partly cloudy and 52. 61 thursday. do 30% chance of a sharp
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thursday evening. you can see the cloud in is invading the area of high pressure as warmer air pushes out ahead. the cold still locked in over the west and especially in the southwest. still producing all kinds of storms in the southwest. these could work their way into denver tomorrow where afternoon. the rainy in chicago. kansas city, 62. we are on the warmer side of the system, as it pushes in late thursday afternoon, rainy and relatively mild before the brunt gets stopped a bus and things cool off going into the weekend. 50 tomorrow, 57 thursday afternoon, 52 on friday, partly cloudy skies over the weekend with a chilly but normal high in the mid 40's. >> a new trend this year in the holiday shopping. >> all part of a rise of that a
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new breed of shoppers. more people are getting gifts at the drugstore. do >> are running a program to give pizza oversees it to our troops. i'm kim dacey and i will let you know how you can help coming up.
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>> now electronics at all behind the wheel? that is the recommendation by the ntsb. >> they held a news conference to discuss major safety concerns about distracted driving. brian mooar is in washington with tonight's "project 3d." what began as a school bus trip ended in a deadly chain collision crash. more than one year later, calling for an outright ban on drivers using mobile phones. >> yes, that does apply to bluetooth, hand-held, hands- free. it is both a visual and a cognitive distraction and manual
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distractions we are worrying about. >> one of the most sweeping recommendations ever. >> it may seem like a quick call, a quick tax, a tweet, or an update, but accidents happen in the blink of an eye. >> drivers can still use gps and passengers would not be affected, but the ntsb's calls on the recommendation. in the 2010 misery crash, they found a 19-year-old pickup driver had exchanged numerous text messages before slamming into right track and being hit by two school buses. >> we did not set out looking for a driver distraction accident. driver distraction bound us. >> and has been cited in a fatal commuter train in california, a border collision, and a passenger jet that went 100 miles past its destination. the toll of distracted driving
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is impossible to measure. while a fund and may be inconvenient -- >> that is inconvenient. >> urging american motorists to put down their bonds. the ntsb says they will be working with bone and car manufacturers to find ways to make drivers hang up. in washington, brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still had, the penn state sex abuse scandal bringing an eye to what lawmakers call an overlooked epidemic. >> what the maryland senate plans to do about this. >> i'm rob roblin. a spectacular fire. that story
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>> live, local, late breaking. you are watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues now. >> this youtube video captures blames the barring a home in harford county, and more than $1 million in damage. the reason why the damage is so heavy is because it also had about one dozen family vehicles. >> antique cars, race cars, and an rv. rob roblin when today when the rubble was still smoking. >> you can see what is left of this home. the fire was last night, and it is still smoldering. >> my wife says, "look out the back window."
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the plans of this house were about, i would say, 200 feet up in the air. i have never in my life seen anything like that. oh, my god. that is what the explosion was. >> it took 75 firefighters powers to bring this blaze under control. >> than the trees start catching fire. then you didn't think it was ever going to get out. there were able to control it before an evacuation. >> how big was the explosion? >> i am half a mile away, and it shook the windows of my house. >> as you can see, this morning the home, everything inside the home and abroad, destroyed. the homeowner did not want to talk on camera, but he did say seven vehicles, many of them show cars, destroyed. state bar marshals spent the morning coming through the rubble looking for the cause of the blaze. >> according to the homeowner
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come inside the garage, he had a couple of racing vehicles, antique cars, when a vehicle that is, what they would call, st. modified, and he did have some racing fuel stored in the garage. >> he and his wife went shopping leaving three dogs in the house. when they came home, the home was in plans and the dogs did not survive. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> at the occupied baltimore movement was evicted by their home at 3:30 a.m. this morning. 100 officers in riot gear calmly told them they had to go. no arrests were made and the people in the camper given time to gather their belongings. mayor rawlings blake says, while she is committed to protecting a citizen's right to protest that it was long overdue for the camp to be cleaned out baltimore county police have arrested one of the two students involved in
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a midday brawl in essex. police officers used pepper spray to break up the fight sending one dozen students to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. within one hour, most had returned to class. right now, no one knows what led to the fight. more than one year after a home invasion in anne arundel county committee have caught up with the robber. he is behind bars in hagerstown on unrelated burglary charges. they were able to collect dna linking him to the august robbery. he forced his way in to an elderly couple's home. he then took off in the stall and mercury grand marquis' and he is now charged with robbery, assault, and theft. >> donald trump said he will no longer take part in a debate he agreed to moderate. it had been scheduled in iowa, but it ran into trouble when
5:34 pm
only newt gingrich and rick santorum said they would put is a paid. it concerned a top republican party officials that he could be running. he's in the event would not have been the most watched but the most substantive and interesting event. and tonight, president obama threatened to veto the republican jobs plan, but gop leaders are going right ahead with a vote, the latest in a nasty series of down to the wire struggles over taxes and spending. we are on capitol hill with our project, mayor report. >> house republicans were set to pass their tax cut bill this afternoon. >> we will be taking the first big step toward bringing jobs to america. >> seeking support from independent voters. quite to cannot be for the middle-class, for keeping taxes low, and be against middle-class tax relief. >> most democratic lawmakers are
5:35 pm
opposed. >> they are playing with the 160 million people who need a payroll tax cut. they are throwing on the trash heap, 6 million who have lost their jobs and need unemployment insurance. on >> republicans want to extend the pay freeze and not extend unemployment benefits to pay for lower payroll taxes. democrats want a tax hike on the rich. it is a new battle in the same all the work. >> republicans want to go home for the holidays, but they want working people to pay more in taxes. >> the republican bill would fast-track approval of the keystone oil pipeline from canada to taxes. opposed by environmentalists, backed by some unions, and many conservatives. >> the keystone pipeline will create 20,000-25,000 jobs if not more immediately. >> president obama, who wants more study, vows to veto today's
5:36 pm
bill if the keystone is included. he is escalating the fight urging democrats to uphold the latest short-term government spending bill until the house passes a plane apparel tax extension. could the government shutdown on friday? the white house says congress does plenty of time to work out a deal on this latest tax and spending stalemate. from capitol hill, wbal-tv 11 news. >> i'm sure many people are traveling for the holidays. if you are flying out of the baltimore or washington, changes you should know about. >> delta passengers and where they will have to go because of the latest renovations. >> two military choppers crash overnight. the latest on the investigation out of washington.
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>> and breaking ground in baltimore today. the private investment will bring 281 upscale apartments and 500 parking spaces to the neighborhood. the seven-story row waterfront community will include amenities such as a club room, lounge, a fitness center, cyber cafe, and 150-foot pole. construction should be completed by fall 2013. senator mikulski said too many children are abused and not enough is being done which is why she is heading a hearing in the senate subcommittee on children and families. testifying today with sheldon kennedy, a former nhl player abused as a coach as a junior hockey player. >> my abuser was international hockey player of the year which gave him almost god-like status.
5:41 pm
sound familiar? he took advantage of his position to look for children especially vulnerable, single- parent households, families with drinking problems, boys who needed a father figure, etc. these kids come and often the parents, looked up to him as a hero. this was someone who could make their dreams come true in the use that trust to hurt them. >> kennedy said we must educate the 99% who were not child abusers on what to look for. he believes training should be mandatory. >> four soldiers dead after an overnight helicopter crash in washington state. the observation choppers crash downside of accord. it is unclear whether they crashed separately or collided. and a much different scene in southwest florida where 200 soldiers made their ride home with spouses and children waiting for them, some 200 soldiers returned from iraq this morning just in time for the
5:42 pm
holidays. he expected to stay for 12 months until the decision by president obama to remove all troops from iraq by the end of the year. do their mission had been to train, advise them and assist the army, but now they will relax and enjoy the holidays with their families. >> still had tonight, the irs may use some money, some big bucks. a mistake in this year's refund checks could have you headed back to the bank. >> plus, when governor o'malley is pleading in the -- lady gaga? >> it is sprinkled on the hd doppler, warmer weather trying to move in to the atlantic. the seven-day forecast coming up. right now 43 at the airport, 51 downtown.
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>> coming up tonight at 6, evicted. city police removing the occupy protestors. why the mayor said it was "respectful." tense moments of a baltimore county school ending with students getting pepper sprayed. reaction from students and parents when you join us
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>> these kids had the most approved -- improved attendance. cecil hill made the most progress in the city when it comes to attendance. the ravens said today was about showing these kids the importance of hard work. >> every kid deserves a chance.
5:46 pm
just the fact that they get something for attendance, they still have to earn this. it is not just given to them, but something that is well deserved. >> the ravens are taking part in a number of community events from the month, part of a holiday season, including additional months during the week of christmas. >> now your 11 insta-weather + forecast but chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures @ are a little bit above normal. we're seeing some cloud cover approach and the temperatures will try to warm up a little bit beginning with tonight. it will probably not be as cold as the last few nights over the region, but on the chilly side for sure. columbia in howard county, 45 degrees.
5:47 pm
it relocations already in the upper 30's. what will help is the high, thin cloud is coming in from the west with clouds producing sprinkles on the radar screen out of ohio, cleveland, down to charleston. we will pick up some of the cloud is as it comes in, a blanket of clouds and is helping to keep the temperature is a little more mile overnight, especially in western maryland where it will be more cloudy than here. during the day tomorrow, warmer air trying to left across this warm front pushing that way which will produce may be a light sprinkle in a few spots. the further north and west you go, the better chance you have for precipitation. partly cloudy tonight, mid 20's suburbs, when the light and variable. mostly cloudy day tomorrow with temperatures like today. if the clouds do not pick it up, it could even get a little warmer, but highs from 48- 3.
5:48 pm
waves averaging about 1 foot on the bay and western maryland hoping personnel. snow showers may happen thursday night and colder temperatures for friday into the weekend will help the snow resorts make more man-made snow. sun and cloud mixing tomorrow and a couple of showers arriving on thursday. on the lower eastern shore, temperatures warming to the low 60's thursday before the cold front rolls through its showers. i pressure has been trying to produce a nicer weather, but the cloud is now developing on the north side of that high pressure sell, on the warm side of this weather system that has stalled throughout the country. as low pressure tracks along that front, it will be pushed into the eastern united states. generating rain and snow, but it will be a warm shower pattern from the great lakes, chicago,
5:49 pm
down to dallas. then the showers will approach baltimore thursday afternoon. this front will get just to our south and stall near the virginia-north carolina border but the rain will be to our south. a lot of unsettled weather in the southern half of the country. 50 to maroc and a chance for a shower thursday, partly to mostly cloudy, then cooler and drier weather over the weekend. >> in tonight's consumer alert, you will now have to head to a different location for all delta flights out of thurgood marshall. ticketing and baggage check-in labor delta will now be near the new concourse in a moveesigned to make way for major renovation projects. as 11 news told you, the project include an expanded security checkpoint and a larger holding area. $65 million has already been secured and it should take two
5:50 pm
years to complete. the u.s. postal service has agreed to delay the closing of 252 mail processing center than 3700 local post offices until mid may. that is what sources close to the senate are telling the associated press. they are set to lose a record $14.10 billion last year and they announced they were moving forward with their plans to cut back. do the had plans to begin closing processing centers as early as april. the closures could cost some 100,000 postal employees their jobs. tonight, the irs may be looking for you, but not to hound you for money. they are trying to give out more than $150 million in late undelivered cash refund checks. the money could not be delivered because of incorrect mailing addresses. the undelivered checks average more than $1,500 each this year. if you are among the nearly
5:51 pm
100,000 people missing their refund check, you can check out the irs website on information. a stop at the drugstore use the means stocking up on the essentials, shampoo, deodorant, but what if it can mean one-stop shopping for your holiday needs? in tonight's insider report, reporting on the growing trend of a drug store christmas? >> drug stores are stocking their shelves this holiday season, hoping to cash in on a new breed of shoppers. stores like cbs, walgreen's, and write data offering more gift items than ever before. >> this year, a 20% increase over last year, which is quite dramatic. it shows the consumer is starting to spend more money overall, but in particular, a bigger increase. >> for unexpected electronics, toys, and even gift cards. not items you typically think of when shopping at a drugstore.
5:52 pm
>> he would not think they would go there to buy a baking item, but it shows consumers are just going to buy any category and they find it, in particular, very convenient to buy gifts. >> here at cbs, there are two full aisles devoted holiday gifts. but they find the smaller format more convenient. >> that is a trend translating into higher sales. walgreen's stock of 4.2% increase in november. as seen on tv products have seen triple growth during the holidays. courtney ragan. >> dear member the only give you used to be able to get at the store was a chia pet? the social networking site facebook launching a program today to enable users instantly connect with the crisis counselor through the facebook chat messaging system.
5:53 pm
at a friend saw a suicidal thoughts, he or she can reported by clicking the link next to the comment. based but will then send an e- mail to the person posting the suicidal, and to encouraging them to call a hotline or begin an instant confidential chat. >> interesting. martin o'malley is turning to pop icon lady gaga dealt with bullying. he sent her a tweet, "thank you for your advocacy against bullying. we would like to invite you to a dinner against bullying in maryland." so far, no response. fighting continues over controversial payroll tax cuts. now an oil pipeline and payroll benefits getting in the way. >> fresh hot pizza on its way to troops overseas with your help. i'm kim
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>> the super bowl is the biggest pizza at eating day of the year. and pizzeria uno as more on operation people. >> pizzeria uno serving up fresh, hot pizza for a good cause. some of it will make it in time to the troops for the super bowl. >> any opportunity we have to give back, we want to be able to do that. we want them to feel comfortable and we tried to get
5:57 pm
to every level that we can. >> since 2009, they have tworked with pizza for patriouts. new can purchase a coupon book for $5. >> just for a donation and it goes directly to it's up for patriots to raise money to actually shipped them. >> it takes quite a journey. it is made in boston, driven to jfk airport where it is fun to afghanistan and distributed to the bases. >> and we make them, freeze them, and actually get big in afghanistan so they are fresh, right there. >> they want to show the troops are grateful we are for their service and at the same time give them a little taste of home and a chance to celebrate an american pastime, the super bowl. >> and giving them time to enjoy, it makes them forget where they are, but then again
5:58 pm
remember why. >> for more informational the program, find the link on our website, in baltimore, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and now i'm hungry. >> all clear at the square this evening after occupy baltimore is kick down earlier this morning. i'm old ulcer with a live report. .- i'm lowell melser on >> using pepper spray to break up a fight. at what happened and why one student is facing criminal charges. >> a. duke from the air. helping to fight crime at the mall. i'm barry simms with the that coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> here is a live look at the square downtown where the occupiers of camp is no more. after demonstrators were
5:59 pm
peacefully kicked out. baltimore city swat team officials in the full riot gear moved in overnight to evict the protesters. >> the dismantling began about 3:30 a.m., and stephanie rawlings blake is calling it, and respectful. lowell melser third joins us with the latest. >> there is still a police presence down here at the square this evening. we have also noticed that a metal fence remains around the perimeter of the entire park and it has been here since the protesters were kicked out earlier this morning. as you mentioned, the whole process -- process was not- violent. tuesday afternoon, a much cleaner park dr. the protesters were kicked out in the early morning hours. they were power washing stained areas and passers-by could once again enjoy their part. >> it is great at the park back for regular public use them to enjoy this


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